16 May 2022

Lore Orbit

I am henceforth concentrating on the project LORE ORBIT, a high tutelary multi-volume collection of deep occult-conspiracy and related articles written by myself between 1998 and today, that strongly elucidate clandestine undercurrent weirdness. Mostly straight reporting with some nonconformist strategy and Otherwhere input. A wonder weapon in the ongoing cultural war that helps transcendence. The first volume shall be published soon by the Spook Press.

06 May 2022

The 23 Mystery

I have yet again helped The 23rdian to update his The 23 Mystery book, that compiles reports on the strange and seemingly Sisyphean "23 Mystery" or "Vigintitresology": the study of the Number 23, previously investigated by such luminaries as William S. Burroughs. This fully revised and enlarged edition is available as a free PDF here.

03 May 2022


I have begun a new project, entitled XXX: An Underground & Experimental Poetry-Art-Literature Magazine. The first issue features Group Weir Department, Patrick Sheffield, Department Weir Patrol, Dr Adolf Steg, Mark Reeve, Susan Shayler, Lucinda Opal & Continual Julie. It is 50 pages in length, 16mb in size, presented as a free PDF, and can be downloaded from here.

02 May 2022

Questions, Questions

The Spook Press have just published 10 Questions For Patrick Weir & Mark Reeve, that is what the title says. A curious occulto-philosophical tract, in which Mark Reeve asks Patrick Weir ten questions, who answers them, and Patrick Weir asks Mark Reeve ten questions, who answers them? This free 32-page, 2.9mb PDF can be downloaded here.

30 April 2022


I was in the mood and had the materials at hand I have made a new graphic collage work by rearranging an old unpublished graphic collage work. Entitled IIXII, this free 10-page PDF employs tactical full colour and monochrome image juxtapositions rather than words to get its points across regarding the occult-conspiracy and UFO/Alien fields, and is now available for download.