27 December 2020

More Non-Profit

An expanded edition of Mark Reeve and Rael's Non-Profit with four new pages has just been published by the Spook Press. This pro-Situationist poster extravaganza can be downloaded from here.

14 December 2020

The Extra Lane

The Spook Press have just published The Extra Lane, a strange approach review of some twelve long-deleted OKOK Society audio-cassette transgressions from the 1990s, which shews deeper what the OKOKians were attempting to achieve with their sonic art. Main text by Liam Olan. Additional text by Mark Reeve. Artworks by Rael. This work is available for free download in 'The OKOK Society/Research Bureau' section, here.

26 September 2020

Mark Reeve - Poetics

I have compiled all of my nonconformist spoken-word poetry into a four volume collection entitled Mark Reeve - Poetics. This and they are available as free audio MP3 files here.